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Become the go‐to family local

Grow your business with a safe, high-quality playground that’s custom designed for your pub or club.

Purpose built for your pub or club

Designed specifically for venues like yours, our ultra-durable playgrounds are fast and cost-effective to manufacture and install. Every playground is custom designed from scratch, so you get a unique structure that makes your venue stand out. 

Our business is your business

RhinoPlay specialises in designing play equipment for pubs and clubs. With more than two decades of experience, we know exactly what you need to attract more families and make fast profits.

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Seamless end-to-end process

You can have a new, fully-certified playground in the ground in a matter of weeks. We pride ourselves on offering a seamless process, delivering fast turnarounds and exceptional customer service with minimal disruption to trade.

The professionals in play​

RhinoPlay is backed by PlayCo, a collective of leading playground suppliers. Our customers get access to an unsurpassed range of Australian-made equipment and a nation-wide design, manufacturing and customer support network. We’re the safe choice for commercial playgrounds. 

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