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We create safe, high-quality playgrounds that help businesses, kids and communities thrive.

Our story

RhinoPlay started in a small spare bedroom in Bondi more than 20 years ago, with little more than an ambition to improve the playground industry through smart, innovative design. Our goal was to create modular play systems that were fast and easy to manufacture and install, but high in quality and low in maintenance. They had to be flexible enough to work in any indoor or outdoor commercial space, and offer a wealth of different design options.  

Our designs were quickly picked up by the QSR space and we officially became an approved supplier to McDonald’s in 2003. We then quickly expanded into pubs and clubs, realising the huge return on investment a quality playground can bring to all kinds of venues. Twenty years on, you’ll now find RhinoPlay equipment all across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. It brings our team an immense sense of pride knowing that the great majority of Aussie kids will play on a RhinoPlay playground at one point in time – if not daily! 

Auburn Hotel Playground

The power of the collective

In 2023 RhinoPlay joined PlayCo, a collective of leading Australian playground manufacturers who work together to create the magic of play. PlayCo has a world-class team of playground designers and extensive manufacturing and service capabilities. By working as a collective, we offer our customers an unsurpassed product range and supply chain reliability. And as a team, we are bigger and better than ever.  

We feel privileged to create safe, happy spaces where kids can learn through play, and provide local communities with more family-friendly destinations. By doing this, we’re also proudly helping local businesses grow. 

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