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Our Process

We manage the full end-to-end process, so getting a playground for your venue is as easy as child’s play.

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Our tried and tested process

With thousands of our playgrounds across Australia and beyond, we have proven our ability to deliver a seamless end-to-end process.  

Step 1
Our team work with you to fully understand your objectives, design vision and commercial considerations, then assess and survey your site. 


Step 2
Custom design
You then get 3D models and 2D plans of your design concepts, plus detailed costs. Choose and refine your theme, colours, activities and more. 
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Step 3
Quality manufacturing
Our equipment is made in Australia from high-grade materials and undergoes strict quality testing. Your playground can be ready in 12 weeks or less. 
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Step 4
Fast, safe installation
We install, inspect and certify your playground in just 3 days, ensuring minimal disruption to trade. 
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