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Custom playground design 

Get a unique custom-designed playground that maximises space, suits your decor and brand and, most importantly, makes your venue stand out.

Red and yellow commercial Playground
RhinoPlay Playground in a pub

Simple process. Endless possibilities.

No two RhinoPlay playgrounds are ever the same. We consult you on your objective and criteria, then use architectural drawings or an on-site inspection to develop bespoke concepts perfectly suited to your venue. You’ll get 2D documentation and 3D modelling to review and approve before we start manufacturing.  

The Australia Hotel

Made for your space

  • Choose your colours, panels and design.  
  • Add a brand or theme.  
  • Incorporate your logo, bespoke graphics or other branded elements.  
  • Mix and match an endless variety of play activities.  
  • Add LED rail lights for nighttime appeal.  
  • Support sustainable business practices with our range of recycled plastics.
PlayWorks Play Tractor in sand

Bespoke design services

RhinoPlay is part of PlayCo, a collective of leading playground suppliers. We offer a huge range of commercial playground equipment that extends well beyond RhinoPlay’s signature modular systems. We also design completely new play structures from the ground up. If you’re looking for something architectural or specific, simply call us to arrange a free design consultation.  

Speak to us to arrange a free design consultation

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