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Reef cube playground

Reef cube playground

Cube commercial playgrounds Colour options Customisable

Transform any space into a playground paradise with RhinoPlay’s Cube Playground. Crafted with durable materials and expert engineering, the Cube Playground is built to withstand the rigors of active play while ensuring safety and longevity.

Product details

Code: C44M
Age Range: 0 – 12 years
Max Fall Height: 1.1m
Equipment Size: 44m2
Max Equipment Height: 4.1m
Colour Options: Yes
Customisable: Yes


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Koala Tavern themed playground

Customisable play options

Looking for a unique playground element? We custom design play equipment and playground structures. This allows us to maximise your available space, as well as create themed playgrounds that resonate with you space and brand. We can design new play equipment or modify existing structures using various material and colour combinations, combining our play and manufacturing expertise with your design ideas to bring your vision to life.  

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