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How to make your venue more family-friendly

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Some tried-and-tested tips for becoming the go-to family local.

For pubs, clubs and quick service restaurants, catering to families isn’t just a courtesy — it’s a savvy business strategy. Creating a welcoming environment for parents and children can drive foot traffic, increase customer loyalty and ultimately boost revenue. Whether you run a pub, club, or other commercial venue, here are some tried-and-tested tips for becoming the go-to family local.

Create a welcoming atmosphere

From the moment families walk through your doors, they should feel welcome. Train your staff to greet families warmly, offer assistance with seating and provide any necessary accommodations. A friendly smile and a genuine welcome can go a long way in setting the tone for a positive experience. It is also a good idea to zone your establishment and direct children and parents to the more family-friendly areas.

Curate a kid-friendly menu

While this seems obvious, having a dedicated kids menu can be a total game changer. The most economical way of tackling a kids menu is to create smaller portions of adult dishes. That way you cater to families without needing a bigger repertoire. Schnitzels, fish and chips are the traditional favourites, but consider other options that appeal to children’s tastes while still offering nutritional value. Adding a free ice cream serves a number of purposes. Besides being a draw card – and driving repeat visitation – it gives parents a reason to extend their stay and can increase overall spend.

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Provide ample high chairs

Make sure you have plenty of high chairs and booster seats available to accommodate families with young children. Keeping these items easily accessible can make mealtime more convenient for parents and more enjoyable for little ones.

Have a dedicated playground area

While colouring materials and drawing supplies are a good start, there’s a limit to how long this actually entertains kids for. Investing in playground equipment and setting up a designated play zone can provide children with a safe and engaging space to play while parents relax. Parents also typically prefer play equipment that encourages physical activity, as opposed to a movie room or gaming devices.


Offer family entertainment

Consider hosting family-friendly events or offering entertainment options that cater to both children and adults. From live music performances to storytelling sessions or themed nights, providing entertainment for the whole family can turn an ordinary visit into a memorable experience.

Advertise your family amenities

Spread the word about your family-friendly offerings through your marketing channels. Use social media, your website, and signage to highlight your kid-friendly menu, play area, and upcoming family events. Letting families know that they are welcome and valued can encourage them to choose your venue as opposed to the other pub down the road. .

Incorporating family-friendly elements into your venue isn’t just about ticking boxes — it’s about creating memorable experiences that keep families coming back time and time again. By offering kid-friendly options, having a designated playground area and ensuring a warm welcome from staff, you can transform your venue into a beloved destination for families in your community.

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