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The ROI of play: How commercial playgrounds drive revenue growth

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If you capitalise on the extra crowds, a playground pays for itself. Here’s why.

In the world of hospitality where every square foot counts towards profitability, installing a playground is a big decision. Do you have space? Will it pay off? And is attracting a family crowd even the right decision for your business in the first place?

Firstly, we can admit that as playground suppliers we are biased. But after literally decades working with pubs and clubs, we’ve never had a venue regretting getting a playground installed. Besides benefiting local children, playgrounds are a catalyst for family-friendly branding, revenue expansion and community enrichment.

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Here are seven reasons why commercial playgrounds drive revenue growth in pubs and clubs.

  1. Playgrounds increase family foot traffic – You can have a kids’ menu, clean highchairs and friendly service, but nothing says ‘kid-friendly’ better than a great playground. It’s the ultimate family draw card, meaning you don’t have to reduce your takings with ‘kids eat free’ offers or other.
  2. Overall spend increases – In the world of hospitality, time is money. By keeping children entertained and parents relaxed, playgrounds extend the duration of visits, leading to increased spending per customer — a tried-and-tested formula for revenue growth.
  3. It’s actually better for other clientele – Balancing the needs of child-free regulars and family crowds can be challenging for many venues. In our experience, playgrounds can actually help solve this issue. Unlike traditional options such as toys or crayon sets that often confine children to common seating areas, a designated play space keeps kids of all ages entertained for extended periods. The key lies in thoughtful placement. By designating a specific area for the playground while maintaining distinct adult-friendly environments, venues can create a harmonious atmosphere for all patrons. Even subtle delineations or zoning can prove highly effective in achieving this balance.
  4. Play equipment attracts a whole new market – The ability to attract and retain customers during non-peak hours can be challenging. Whether it’s parents groups coming for morning coffees, lunchtime trade or afternoon birthday parties, playgrounds are a great way to fill these lags. They also attract families earlier in the evening when clubs are traditionally quiet.
  5. Playgrounds improve your online presence – There’s a reason ‘kid-friendly pub’ is a popular Google search. Whether it creates waves on the local mums group Facebook page, gets a write up in your local newspaper or gets tagged on Instagram, an eye-catching playground never goes unnoticed.
  6. They create a sense of community – Clubs and pubs are at the heart of a community. By providing families with safe, enjoyable spaces to gather, playgrounds cultivate a sense of belonging and camaraderie, strengthening bonds and loyalty.
  7. Most importantly, playgrounds contribute to child development – The benefits of playgrounds stretch far beyond fun and entertainment. They are vital for cognitive learning, physical development and social growth, to name a few. Importantly, they give growing minds a world of discovery away from a screen or movie room. And this is ultimately why a playground will keep families coming back time and time again.

From driving revenue growth to nurturing community ties and promoting child development, the benefits of commercial playgrounds are manifold. If you’re thinking about a playground for your commercial venue, give our team a call to discuss how it works and get a free custom design and quote.

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